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Harry Potter Scarves

As I've mentioned in my other journal, I've been commissioned to make Harry Potter scarves for people. Here's four of the ones I've been able to make:

Image hosted by

And again:

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From left to right:

1. This is my Gryffindor scarf. It was someone elses, but they never paid me, so I claimed it for me.
2. This is ... someone's Gryffindor scarf. They never paid me either. If I get some bling bling cash money records, maybe I'll feel more inclined to put the fringe on it.
3. This is Tracy's Hufflepuff scarf. She hasn't paid me. Anger.
4. Lyssie! This is your scarf! Sorry, should have told you sooner. Feel free to PayPal me.


Both of these use a J hook.

It's really simple. For the GoF (trapped bar) scarves -- Chain 26. Work 6 dc rows of your main color (red, yellow, green or blue), work 1 dc row of your contrast color (gold, black, silver or brown), work 2 dc rows of your main, and 1 dc row of your contrast. Repeat 14 times. Work 6 dc rows of your main color again, weave in all ends, and add fringe in your MC.

For the CoS (large stripe) scarves -- it's been a while, but I'm reasonably sure that I started with the main color, chained 26 and worked 7 dc rows, then switched to my cc color and worked 7 more dc rows right until I had 19 stripes. Weave in ends, and add fringe in stripes: three MC stripes and two CC stripes.
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