Stuff for my Mini Doll

I had some worsted weight cotton one day, and I wanted to spoil a doll of mine, so here we go:

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Pretty little cape and hat. The hat was made sort of like a human hat in the round; the cape started out as a chain of 10 and grew with some creative increases.

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Also, I thought I'd make her a blankie.

Ribbon Scarf

Hey! Been a long time! Just checking in to show off my latest creation, which isn't anything great:

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A friend of my mom's requested a ribbon scarf, so here it is. I just made it from the label pattern, even though I made it slightly wider ... which is funny, because it's not terribly wide at all.

Another shot. This makes the colors look so poor.

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Contain Yourself

Dad ties flies and works with lots of tiny things, so I made him two containers to put stuff in. I made them shallow so he could see in them easily while he was working. Both are worked with an F hook in my cotton yarn of choice, Peaches and Cream.

For the bowl, I altered this pattern. I think I only did through round 7 or 9 before going on and sc in each stitch to build up the sides.

The box is so simple. All you do is crochet a square, then go around the edges with a sc in each stitch (or end chain). At the end, for security, dec at the corners.

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Looking for a really good simple hat pattern? Allow me to make a suggestion. I noticed all the boys at college think they're cool when they wear such hats, so I made one for David so he'd be cool too. I made it with the directions to make an extra big one, 'cause David has a big old head. Turns out I actually made it TOO big. I honestly did not know such a thing was possible. He rolled it up and made it fit, though, so yaay.

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Mom's Birthday Shaw

So Mom bothered me forever to make her a gray shaw like the one I made.

For reference, the one I made was CrochetMe's design in Red Heart Symphony, minus the blo stitch. I just did mine straight hardcore crochet.

A little more than two skiens of charcoal Homespun later, I was able to give mom this for her birthday:

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